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Talking To Jesus: A Fresh Perspective On Prayer

Giving thanks to God for His acts of love in this woman’s life made Luke 7 into a testimony, not just a story. Even thinking about it now, I’m brought to tears and I want to dance at the same time. Her son was dead and Jesus brought him back to life! 

I recently read a book that sparked this same sense of biblical reality. In Talking To Jesus, Jeannie Blackmer flips the script on Bible stories.

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You’re Not Alone

It’s easy to feel alone. We can live surrounded by kids, friends, and family and still feel overlooked. Outnumbered by piles of laundry and overcome by the needs of the day.

Even in the middle of a conversation, I’ve found myself wondering, “Do they really understand?”

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Life Interrupted

I live interrupted.

As a toddler mom, my thoughts turn to boisterous hugs and excited distractions. Even as I sat down to write this morning, Dillon ran over to watch my laptop screen and attempted to blow out the sweet smelling candle on the table next to me.

Where was I again?

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