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25-Minute Advent

Growing up in church, advent meant a calendar with fun little doors to open and treats or pictures counting each day from the 1st until December 25th. As an adult, I often consider marking the advent in a more meaningful way, but usually that thought reappears around December 10th—after it feels much too late to find a devotional for the season….

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I Wrote A Book, And That Terrifies Me

I wrote a book, and that terrifies me.

Funny thing is, it’s not like this book writing thing snuck up on me.

I wrote a book, and that terrifies me.

Funny thing is, it’s not like this book writing thing snuck up on me. I first remember wanting to become an author when I was five years old and this particular book, A Wife’s Secret to Happiness: Receiving, Honoring, and Celebrating God’s Role for You in Your Marriage, has been in process since 2012. It’s taken countless hours, lots of tears over my computer screen and laughing to myself like a crazy person when writing at Starbucks. So why the trepidation?

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When My Strength Fails

Sometimes I don’t feel strong. Other times it’s even worse, and I feel weak … exhausted … lost.

We’re taught that only the strong survive. To put on a brave face and soldier on. But what happens when I can’t soldier anymore? When my arms aren’t strong enough for the task, and my heart can barely hold on to the last strands of hope?

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God Speaks. Here’s How to Hear Him.

I love to encourage believers to hear God. A huge part of my testimony is how I spent years in religious experience. I tried to do the things I thought God wanted—the good Christian things—and had no clue I could actually talk with Him. That He spoke all the time, every day, and wanted to talk with me.  Sitting in church one…

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Spiritual Strength Training

I’m pretty much the last person on earth qualified to write about strength training. Sure, we have a metal mountain of a weight setup in our garage, but I’ve never used the thing. About once a month I make it in to Cardio Barre to do this amazingly intense ballerina-style workout, and I collapse on the floor in a flop sweat about half way through while other hardcore women twice my age continue to keep with it.

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Keeping the Joy

Sitting in my worn white Ikea chair, pulled up to my cluttered Ikea desk—yes, Craigslist and Ikea furnish my house—the surroundings taunt me.

The taunting comes not from all the things left to do, but because all these things bring me joy … well, once brought me joy … and I want them to again. I’d like to blame the clutter on recent travels, exciting projects, or even my adventurous toddler, but that wouldn’t be true. Or fair.

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