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Spiritual Strength Training

I’m pretty much the last person on earth qualified to write about strength training. Sure, we have a metal mountain of a weight setup in our garage, but I’ve never used the thing. About once a month I make it in to Cardio Barre to do this amazingly intense ballerina-style workout, and I collapse on the floor in a flop sweat about half way through while other hardcore women twice my age continue to keep with it.

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Keeping the Joy

Sitting in my worn white Ikea chair, pulled up to my cluttered Ikea desk—yes, Craigslist and Ikea furnish my house—the surroundings taunt me.

The taunting comes not from all the things left to do, but because all these things bring me joy … well, once brought me joy … and I want them to again. I’d like to blame the clutter on recent travels, exciting projects, or even my adventurous toddler, but that wouldn’t be true. Or fair.

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In The Beginning

I’ve heard it said that God treats us not according to where we are, but corresponding to where we are going and who we are becoming. That He sees the end, and treats us accordingly throughout the whole trip.

But what if that’s not quite right? What if God treats us with the beginning in mind, not the end?

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What Is A Prayer Life?

I posted an open invitation on social media a few weeks back and LOVE the questions you all provided in comments and direct messages—many of which centered around spending time with God. Today’s post is my answer to this great question: What does your prayer life look like on a daily basis?
Before I get there though, let’s start at the beginning. What’s a prayer life?

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