Living Life

Living Life

Fun Facts & The Declare Link-Up

Hi Friends! As some of you know, I serve on the team that puts on the Declare Conference—a conference equipping women to walk in their calling as Christian communicators—and our 2017 conference is only a few weeks away (yay!). One of the things I love so much about Declare is our amazing community of women. Each in-person or online gathering…

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Learning to Rest

I sat cuddled in an oversized blanket, watching my son play cars. My mind wandering from the boisterous crashing play in front of me, to a recent internal question I hadn’t dared voice. I turned to Jared’s form beside me on the sectional.

“Am I being lazy?”

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Life Interrupted

I live interrupted.

As a toddler mom, my thoughts turn to boisterous hugs and excited distractions. Even as I sat down to write this morning, Dillon ran over to watch my laptop screen and attempted to blow out the sweet smelling candle on the table next to me.

Where was I again?

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