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Breaking My Marriage Autopilot

I think it happened somewhere around the time of our son’s birth. Or maybe during his transition from milk to solid foods, or one daycare to another. Perhaps sometime the first season … or second phase … of job changes and promotions. Or ministry growth and business opportunities.Maybe in the midst of never-ending home projects. Somewhere along the way, I flipped on the switch for my marriage autopilot and our trajectory shifted.

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Breaking Free From A Marriage Coma

If I’m not careful, my marriage will ease itself into an unconscious state. Running here and there, handling work and baby, social lives, errands, housework, writing projects, and the intention of my spousal relationship slips away. Not dying but not living, moving, or thriving. Sometimes marriage comas come from serious injury or prolonged relational illness. Raw wounds. Unspoken hurts. Unrepentant sin….

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