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7 Fun Ways To Reconnect With Your Husband

Jared and I drifted apart in the months after Dillon was born. It wasn’t a subtle drifting, like rowboats that slipped their knots and meandered off to sea in the quiet of night.

We saw it. Felt it. Watched it happen. Each of us in a boat without paddles, our cupped hands pawing furiously at the water. Calling out with loud voices until exhaustion took over.

Our commitment to one another and to our marriage didn’t waiver. But our connection did.

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Living Life, Marriage, People & Relationships

Breaking My Marriage Autopilot

I think it happened somewhere around the time of our son’s birth. Or maybe during his transition from milk to solid foods, or one daycare to another. Perhaps sometime the first season … or second phase … of job changes and promotions. Or ministry growth and business opportunities.Maybe in the midst of never-ending home projects. Somewhere along the way, I flipped on the switch for my marriage autopilot and our trajectory shifted.

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A Perfect Marriage Full of Imperfection

A PERFECT MARRIAGE is when two imperfect people come together and commit to making their version of a perfect life.

Marriage in all of its beauty, glory, and awesomeness is unfortunately gonna forever have flaws; your marriage, my marriage, and every other marriage that graces this land.

To any person that is married and beyond the fog laden and angel graced honeymoon stage, I am sure this is no news to you.

For those of you who are not married, this might be a newsflash.

Let me give you another.

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