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Journal the Word Bible Giveaway

One of the most well-loved blog posts I’ve ever written is about reading the Bible. More specifically, How to Read the Bible, and Actually Understand It. I love all the questions and feedback I receive each week on how to increase your study of Scripture, so I jumped at the chance to review and giveaway some amazing journaling bibles from Thomas Nelson.

Which one you ask? The NKJV Journal the Word™ Bible.

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A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called

“Comparison paralyzes, but camaraderie found in our less-than-perfect hearts inspires. Discover camaraderie in the imperfection of the Marys.” – Andy Lee, A Mary Like Me

Andy and I met online some years ago, a chance passing on a blog link-up, I believe through either The Timewarp Wife, or Lisa Jo Baker. We started frequenting each other’s blogs and sharing comments, but I’ll never forget our first real-life meeting.

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Dream It. Pin It. Live It.

I’ll admit it. When I first agreed to read this book and write a review, I assumed it had something to do with Pinterest. That’s where most people pin things nowadays anyway, right?

While I suppose you could create Pinterest boards to implement the ideas in this book, the concepts are much bigger than that. In Dream It. Pin It. Live It., Terri Savelle Foy talks about how we can use vision boards to help us achieve our dreams and God’s call on our lives.

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