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Dream It. Pin It. Live It.

I’ll admit it. When I first agreed to read this book and write a review, I assumed it had something to do with Pinterest. That’s where most people pin things nowadays anyway, right?

While I suppose you could create Pinterest boards to implement the ideas in this book, the concepts are much bigger than that. In Dream It. Pin It. Live It., Terri Savelle Foy talks about how we can use vision boards to help us achieve our dreams and God’s call on our lives.

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If you’ve spent more than 30 seconds on my site, you know that I’m married. And it’s true. I’m wife to this stud.

With nuptials EST. 2008, our wedded bliss started almost two full years before the launch of … Pinterest. Oh, how I daydream of a Pinterest wedding. So many decorations and dress options left to explore. But I’m going somewhere with this …

So in those first 30 seconds you spent here, you likely noticed something else. I’m on a mint kick. From freshly minted mom to freshly minted marriage, the mint lingo abounds. I’ve even started a Pinterest board to catalog my minty faves. So it felt meant to be when I had the opportunity to review products from the beautiful, including their gorgeous wedding invitations.

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Saturday Spotlight: Women at War – Jan Greenwood

Too many women fight against each other. In my single days I knew this especially well. Entering a restaurant on a Friday night the other women would immediately size you up.

Whose outfit is better?
Who looks cuter?
Are you competition?

Sadly, these battles don’t stop as time passes and we can easily find ourselves competing against each other. But our female relationships don’t have to be this way. I recently finished reading Jan Greenwood’s book Women at War, and I just had to tell y’all about it!

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