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If you’ve spent more than 30 seconds on my site, you know that I’m married. And it’s true. I’m wife to this stud.

With nuptials EST. 2008, our wedded bliss started almost two full years before the launch of … Pinterest. Oh, how I daydream of a Pinterest wedding. So many decorations and dress options left to explore. But I’m going somewhere with this …

So in those first 30 seconds you spent here, you likely noticed something else. I’m on a mint kick. From freshly minted mom to freshly minted marriage, the mint lingo abounds. I’ve even started a Pinterest board to catalog my minty faves. So it felt meant to be when I had the opportunity to review products from the beautiful, including their gorgeous wedding invitations.

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Motherhood Changes A Gal

I have a son! He came in his own timing, born at 5:43 AM on Thanksgiving Day—5 days early and after a dramatic water-breaking in the Chipotle parking lot. 🙂 Our Lil’ Man is the most amazing gift I’ve ever received. Period. Hard days and tear-filled nights included.

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