I came across a blog post from Bryan Roberts yesterday that struck a chord.  He was talking about his experience as a newcomer to Gateway Church, and wishing that he had been present to take part in the early years of the church.  Rather than focusing on the past, Bryan has found a better perspective by looking to the future of the Church body and the new things God is doing.

My husband and I started attending Gateway a little over 2 years ago, and while I can relate to feeling like a little fish in a new big-church-pond, his article hit me in a different way, particularly this phrase: “I got here late.”

Arrrggg.  I hate being late.  I’m one of those people who would rather be 20 minutes early than 5 minutes late.  While I can manage my daily schedule pretty well, I find myself often wrestling with inconspicuous, mostly imaginary, timetables for major events in my life.

“I should have accomplished _______ by now.”
“Wow, she’s younger than me and has gone there/done this/accomplished that.”
“By this point in my life I thought I would have________.”

How many times in life will I hold myself to an ambiguous timeline?  As if I am competing against some unseen opponents, all racing towards an invisible finish line in our careers, personal wealth, family life or spiritual maturity.  Or even worse, compare myself with myself, against what could have been if I made a better decision or chosen a different path?

If you are anything like me, I urge you, STOP IT!  

Wondering about yesterday will not benefit you tomorrow.  You are not late to any aspect of your life, you have been living it this whole time.  Your journey contributes to who you are, the testimony you have and the strengths you have developed along the way.  Perhaps you could have reached some life monument in a more direct route, but consider the experiences or lessons you gained in the process.  The scenic route may take longer but you get to enjoy the view, and maybe you picked up some life-long travel partners that you now cannot imagine your life without.

Rejoice in the time you have in this moment.  You are right on time for TODAY.




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