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Make Your Heart Ready

As the Type A check-all-the-boxes type of person that I am, I like to be ready. Jared teases that I’m like that goat on the kid’s movie Hoodwinked. If you’ve missed this addictive song in the past, never fear, see the clip below!

Well, an avalanche is coming and I do not feel prepared—at least not in the typical sense of the word. My mind overslows (haha, meant to write overflows but I think over-slows is more accurate) with questions and uncertainties. The minute we make a decision it seems 5 other items are added to the list for consideration. It’s an exciting season for sure, but not an easy one.

Make Your Heart ReadyEven while my mind screams at me “I do not feel prepared!” my heart says “I’m ready.” In God’s grace and infinite wisdom, He’s been preparing me for this season of unpreparedness. It’s more valuable for my heart to be ready than for my mind.

Do I know what’s coming around the bend? Nope. I’m in a season of firsts and surrounded by new things I’ve never done before. And that’s okay. My heart is ready to be stretched. I’m expectant, excited with anticipation to see what God will do and how He will teach me. My level of faith rises each day, not because I’ve figured something out, but because I’ve learned to rely on Him just a little bit more.

Make your heart ready. Then you’ll always be prepared.


This post is part of Five Minute Friday’s, a five minute weekly reflection on a word prompt. No edits, no do overs, just write. “No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.”

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