I came across this blog post in my website saved drafts today, and it’s as if God knew I needed the reminder. Fruit takes time to grow. And even in seasons of fruitfulness and harvest, I’m still sowing seeds for the future.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could harvest the fruit of our crops immediately? Seeds go into the ground, you water it, wait five minutes and BAM, there are baskets of fresh strawberries ripe for the picking.

Unfortunately, gardening doesn’t work that way. We prepare the ground, plant, tend to the seedlings, and eventually gather a harvest.

Planting seeds in life works pretty much the same way. Sure, it’d be great to have an immediate return. Someone to turn around and commend the wisdom of your words. A disobedient child who suddenly stops throwing a tantrum in the restaurant because they see the merits of your discipline. For a stranger, coworker, supervisor, or loved one to acknowledge your work.

Sometimes we plant seeds and never see the harvest. Rocky soil. Thieving birds. Or crops that take a lifetime to show any sign of maturity.

But our job remains the same—to plant.

With each day … hour … moment, we make deposits into the lives of others. Sharing encouragement or comfort. Commending noble actions. Correcting less honorable ones.

As we invest in others, God does a wondrous work. He multiplies the harvest in our own lives as well. Planting seeds of discipline in my child grows humility and patience within my heart.

So we must continue planting. Even when the days are long and hard.

When it seems nothing comes from our faithful sacrifice. Plant seeds.

You never know what harvest the Lord will bring.

Indeed, the LORD will give what is good, and our land will yield its produce. (Psalm 85:12)


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