Welcome! I'm Jen!

You're created for Life with God

Not just for Him. Or because of Him. (Although those are also true.)
Moment-by-moment life with Him.

You and God belong in each other’s lives.

I know what it’s like to live as a Christian without a relationship with God. To feel like my relationship with God kept breaking—leaving me disconnected and discouraged.

That’s why I’m passionate about equipping Christ-led leaders and empowering Christ-followers in vibrant lives with God where you can bring your entire self to Him.

How do you connect with God best?

You May Have Seen Me On

Your kids are created for Life with God too!

They also belong in each other’s lives.

As Mom to two young boys, I know our kids aren't always excited about learning the Bible. As parents, we want to help our kids grow spiritually strong, but don't always know how. And you're juggling a lot already!

I created quick, fun, and easy Kid's Bible Activities to help my children know God through the Bible. For the first time ever, I'm sharing them so you can use them for family discipleship too!

Your Kids are created for life with God too!