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DIY Baby Book With Free Printables

Great news! I’m in my final trimester! We’ll it’s probably not that great to you, but it’s incredibly exciting over here at the Weaver home as we prepare for our baby’s arrival. I’ve decided to call him Little Man or LM on my blog for now, and my latest project is creating his custom baby book. That means—drumroll please—FREE PRINTABLES!

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15 Minutes Makes All The Difference

I’m taking back the management of my day—15 minutes at a time.

Back in the busiest season of my life, I made a practice of tracking my daily schedule in 15 minute increments. I know I didn’t come up with the idea on my own, but not quite sure where it came from. It was awesome! Suddenly I found so much more time in my day.

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Discovering Your Passions

Hello fellow dreamers!

While we’re proving faithful with our current responsibilities (see this post), another all important step towards living our dreams is discovering what we’re truly passionate about.

Well, I think I have a pretty good handle on identifying my passions, but just for the fun of it—and to help those of you still searching—I found a great printable activity to try.

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