Identifying Your ICA

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When considering your ministry’s message and brand, it’s vital to begin with a clear picture of your ideal audience. In business settings we often refer to this as your Ideal Client Avatar or Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA). However, most ministries don’t have clients, so I like to refer to this person as your Ideal Community member Avatar (ICA).

Here’s my biggest tip right up front:

Don’t consider your audience as a group, instead identify your ICA as a specific person.

Jen Weaver

A common mistake is to try and cast a broad net and try to go after everyone with a pulse. The problem then, is that you can’t focus your offering, your messaging, or the needs you’re ministering too. Instead, spend the time to hone in on a specific ideal community member. You’ll naturally bring in others, and over time you may even diversify to a few ICA’s, but the ones who are your target audience, they’ll know it because you’ve set everything up to help them engage and receive.

Here are some brainstorming questions to get you started:

What are their demographics?


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Economic status
  • Education level
  • Location
  • Marital status
  • Family life

What are their faves?


  • websites
  • magazines
  • podcasts
  • social accounts to follow
  • coffee drink
  • comfort food …

What are they googling to find answers for?

Start with this question in light of what you offer. What search words or questions are they using to find you?

Now go broader. What questions are they googling because they’re too shy or embarrassed or to ask you?

What books are they reading or listening to?

List specific titles here if you know some, otherwise look at categories of books and motivations. Is your ideal audience reading leadership books because they’re self-motivated, parenting books because they have little kids, mystery fiction books for fun, or no books at all because they hate reading?

What does their home look like?

Picture their home (or pay attention the next time you visit). How would you describe th home in size, age, and aesthetic? What’s the vibe of their home decor?

What’s their fashion aesthetic?

Is your ideal client trendy or classic?
Do they like statement jewelry or understated pieces?
Where do they shop?
Do they prefer full price or clearance?

How would you describe their spirituality and spiritual maturity?

Are they aware of God? What do they think/know about Him? How long have they been in the faith and what does their relationship with God look and feel like to them on a daily basis?

What problems are they desperate to solve?

If you could help them with these top three things, it would be a game changer.

Who do you know in real life who is like this?

Oftentimes it helps when crafting content and messaging to focus on a real life person who represents our ideal client. Perhaps this is a character from a TV show, your neighbor, or you from 5 years ago.

If you have multiple ideal clients, pick a specific person or persona who represents each.

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