Beloved, We Misunderstand Him

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God is captivated by you.

If we were in high school, you’d be the one He’d stare at from the back of class. You’d turn to pass a note and catch His glance, a look to give you butterflies.

Your smile dazzles Him.

He’d make small talk to get to know you. Showing up at pep rallies and club meetings just for a bit more time. To show His interest.

He’s enthralled with you.

Given the chance, He’d walk you to your next class. Carrying your books, opening doors, and sharing bits and pieces of His day in hopes that you too, would share yours.

The Lord doesn’t play it cool. He doesn’t hide intentions, mask emotions, or feign interest. This isn’t a break-up-when-we-go-to-college romance (although some of us treat it like it is). He’s all in. Ready to give all, be all, know all and still love us all anyway.

Beloved, We Misunderstand Him

We’re not accustomed to such uncommon love. So we misunderstand Him.

We imagine Him as the awkward boy in the front row, when He’s really the cool kid on campus. The one everyone wants, not an undesirable suitor.

Beloved, We Misunderstand Him

And He wants you.

Or maybe we recognize His splendor, the glory of His name and fame, and think that disqualifies us. He couldn’t possibly pick me.

This isn’t a dare, bet, or makeover rom com. He doesn’t want you to do His homework, or to use you to make some point to His friends.

He wants you, not something from you.

And so we miss it.

The love letters He sends us in His Word … we read with obligation or passing interest.

The little ways He flirts with us throughout the day … coincidence. The beauty of the sunrise He knew you’d see. The kindness of a stranger. Sweet provision and tiny joys, we see as random chance, not romantic gifts.

Beloved, We Misunderstand Him

Beloved, don’t misunderstand Him. 

Our salvation wasn’t given so that one day, far from now, when the end of life comes, we could then be with Him. He doesn’t want to wait that long.

His salvation is for today.

He loves you in this moment. Even if you’ve never noticed Him, He’s loved you for a long time. His affection will not wane, His interest is not temporary.

His promise is love.

Not a call into a different habit or invitation to a new club. He’s into you. God wants to walk with you in the cool of day. To talk. To listen. To answer.

With all the hustle of the new year. Resolutions, changes, and upgrades, let’s not misunderstand Him. God’s not waiting for us to better ourselves, wishing we’d work harder on self-improvement. He’s not holding a checklist of our flaws and successes, weighing pros and cons. He holds pictures of you. Longing to wrap you in His arms.

Let Him love you.

Beloved, We misunderstand Him. His salvation is for today.

Let Him be the one whose shoulder you cry on and the one you rejoice with. Step back and look afresh at how He’s shown adoration for you.

Life with Christ isn’t a call to go and do. It’s a call to come and rest.

To be with the One who loves well.

To walk with Him.

To carry His presence where we go. Yes, good works are prepared for us to do, but those aren’t heavy, burdensome works to carry on our own. We are made alive again by His incomparable grace. Through the unimaginable kindness of our beloved, we partner with Him. Our lives, continuations of His love.

Beloved, let’s begin to understand Him.


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