Brand isn’t just for influencers, it’s a tool for anyone with influence

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The concept of “influencers” is very polarizing these days.

Some want to become one with all the affiliate links, blue check marks, and sponsorship perks. Others see that career path as a marker on the downward spiral of humanity.

No matter what camp you join, tools like influence and brand aren’t limited to social media. We see their greatest value when these tools are wielded in the hands of leaders like you, who recognize the potential for those you lead.

Influence: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

It’s easy to think of brand in marketing campaigns or public popularity. But as leaders, look at how these tools help you connect with the hearts of those you’re here to serve:

  • Communicating in vocabulary they understand
  • Speaking to their felt needs and how you can help
  • Consistent experiences that keep them coming back
  • Using your platform and outlets to serve
  • Being clear about what you offer so they know that you have what they’ve been looking for
  • Knowing the role you play in their lives and approaching your communication based on that relationship

These benefits are aspects of stewarding your brand and influence. Don’t let trends or fads distract you from implementing the leadership tools in your hand.

Brand is a tool for anyone with influence. And that’s YOU.

I think social media gurus have commandeered these terms (no shade, I promise!) because frankly; they know how to use them more effectively than a lot of leaders. Yeah, that’s an ouch statement for me, too. I don’t mean they achieve more Kingdom results (although some are Kingdom centered), but that they see and maximize brand potential. Influencers work with large brands, gain the following and the visibility, and attract their communities because they are diligent in building and guarding their brand. They know what they want to represent to world, what they offer, what they’re about, and what they’re not. Their communities know what they can expect and keep coming back for more.

You don’t need to imagine what that could be like for your organization. You can live it today.

Could you use help with this? It’s one of our specialties. Let us know!


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