Don’t You See I’m Fighting Here?!

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Don’t you see I’m fighting here?!

My calm exterior and lack of war paint must have fooled you. But even as the battle gets harder and I start to crack, you still don’t seem to notice.

But then again, I don’t always notice your battlefront either.

To be fair, neither of us are mind readers. We go about our days, entrenched in our own responsibilities. You have your orders and I have mine. We go to war, fighting for our families, wrestling to stay in control of our emotions. Skirmishes with to-do lists, unruly kids, and embarrassing situations.

So often we come back tired. Wounded. Wishing that life’s battles came with a pause button like the ones on our TV screens, so we could refresh and regroup.

But they don’t.

You’d think with all our battle cries and calls-to-arms, we’d recognize our fellow soldiers. Different war zones and mismatched uniforms—so I’m sorry, I haven’t seen you. I can feel incredulous when you don’t see me fighting … bleeding … needing your help. But I’ve overlooked you too.

To the mom juggling her kids and cleaning up catastrophes at the Chick Fil A. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize that you may need … want … crave … just a bit of help. To the working woman, working to balance it all, I’m sorry I’ve neglected to call to check in. To the friend hurting, the stranger wishing for a friendly face, and the family member grappling with life sans backup. I’m sorry.

I see you’re fighting.

I can’t promise I’ll always be there. Or even know what to say.

Some days, my own fights will be too much to me, and I still may overlook your struggles.

But I promise. I’m paying more attention.

The following quote is attributed to so many different sources, but even without an author, its words ring true.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Keep it up.

Press onward.

If you feel like I’m still not paying close enough attention, please reach out.

You’re a warrior and you deserve support.



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