Organizational Leadership

I know what it's like to feel stuck as your organization is trying to grow.

  • To carry dreams and vision from God, but to struggle getting others to truly buy-in in how they participate, give, or volunteer.
  • To struggle wanting to cultivate life-giving team relationships.
  • To feel like progress is slow coming, and like there's a disconnect between what you know your organization could be, and what you're spending your time, energy, and resources doing right now.
  • To know you have something good growing, you just need a boost of momentum to help you get where you need to be.

I also know how amazing it is to get unstuck. And I want to help.

  • I know the power of having a coach come alongside to call out & fortify the good that's already present in your team.
  • I know the radical difference it makes to have consulting guides who have walked a similar journey before and can help your department or organization navigate your journey with wisdom and peace.
  • I know the freedom of not having to recreate the wheel each time you try something new. The gift of accessing proven strategies and tools while saying agile to implement what God uniquely trusts to your ministry in your current season.
  • I know the joy of integrating technology and tools with the heart and people-ministry of your work.

Leverage Your Level-Up Season

Every challenge presents an opportunity for growth.
Leading through change is one of the most present challenges for a leader, and one of the most rewarding opportunities to engage the hearts of your people and build to the next level together.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • We’re growing rapidly and need to scale well.
  • We’re at a tipping point of either rapid growth or burnout.
  • It’s time to level-up and strategically build for growth.
  • Our team needs to grow to be able to sustain the next season God is calling us into.
  • We're ready for collaborative and collective momentum, not disjointed efforts.

The timing of your season is significant. You can level-up in this season!
Often in leadership, we don’t know what we don’t know. I help leaders get out of the stuck places because I ask questions from a different vantage point.

I bring my combined experience in communications, corporate environments, and pastoral ministry to help you navigate your current season as a church or ministry organization.

Ready to get unstuck?
Ready to break through to the next level of health and fruitfulness in your organization, church, or ministry?

Jen Weaver

As a Ministry Coach

I come alongside church, parachurch, nonprofit, and community leaders:

  1. investing in your personal leadership growth
  2. helping you develop thriving teams and
  3. build message clarity for the ministry you love.

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