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Creating Your Own Family Traditions

I’m a big advocate for creating your own family traditions—even as a pre-kids family of two!

Jared and I married in September 2008, which meant the holiday season beckoned right around the corner from our autumn wedding day. At that point, we still lived in California, a 30-minute drive from my parent’s house and much of my extended family. His grandma also lived in close proximity, and his parents were a day’s drive away in Oregon.

We love our families and have many fond memories of holiday celebrations together, that December we had a choice to make about our inaugural Christmas holiday. We decided to celebrate as a family. Just the two of us.

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25-Minute Advent

Growing up in church, advent meant a calendar with fun little doors to open and treats or pictures counting each day from the 1st until December 25th. As an adult, I often consider marking the advent in a more meaningful way, but usually that thought reappears around December 10th—after it feels much too late to find a devotional for the season….

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Bless Your Heart

I can’t believe Christmas is next week. And that’s a literal can’t, as in can’t think about it.

At this moment the only Christmas present we’ve purchased is mine. That was a Groupon thing, not a selfish thing. 😉 But the tree is up and Christmasing is happening tonight. Promise.

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Holiday Joy

Christmas fever is in full effect over at the Weaver home. In fact, I get to put up the tree a week early this year—t minus 3 days—in light of our lil’ mans anticipated arrival. (Normally I have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving!).

As I ring in the holiday season with itty bitty baby pj’s, red Starbucks cups and Christmas music on Pandora, I started thinking about what makes Christmas so much fun. Sure, there’s the presents and feasting, festive decor, time with loved ones, and oodles of chocolates. But I think under it all, we’re looking for joy.

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